We believe library of the school is an institution with in the institution. Wide range of books, liberal issue policy of books, library based projects for children, reference books, digital library and easy information access system, along with high motivation and a reading culture has maximized the library based learning of children.

Junior library for primary children is a unique feature of our school. We have extensive collection of well illustrated age and vocabulary specific books and furniture suiting to their needs.







  1. No. of Titles: 3,421.
  2. No. of Volumes - 5,126.
  3. No. of Periodicals - 21.
  4. Newspapers - 04.

Periodicals Names

  1. Mathematics Today
  2. Biology Today
  3. Physics for you
  4. Chemistry Today
  5. CSR General Knowledge Today
  6. Reader's Digest
  7. Bhavan's Journal
  8. The Week
  9. Yojana
  10. Mentor
  11. Teacher Plus
  12. Sports Star
  13. IJOY- International Journal of Yoga
  14. Wisdom
  15. Champak
  16. Children's Choice
  17. Tinkle Digest
  18. Education for Tomorrow
  19. HFI Education Today (IX & X Classes)
  20. HFI Education Today (XI & XII Classes)
  21. Dimdima